What's Happening in Buffalo-Guest blogger Blueberry Dreams

36"X36" Original art 'On the Way' by featured artist Whitney O
Dinah is a busy lady. She is an army of one (with help), but at times like this, blogging takes precious time. So, I'm keeping the blog fresh while more important things are being accomplished. Between trips to Maple Lake Antiques and her secret digs, she manages to gracefully apply paint and design custom pieces of furniture that are quickly snapped up as soon as they are rolled out on display.  With the first Jux99! sale only a month away, sand paper is flyin' and paint is applyin'.  What marvelous finds await!  Nestled in studio, gorgeous mirrors, art and artifacts, along with custom furniture and upholstery and vintage garden wares, all put together with her signature style.  This is one sale you won't want to miss...
Keep calm, May 5th will be here soon!

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dinahk said...

In case you didn't catch the above commentary...that's my sister. The artwork is her daughter's & it is a fabulous painting! She lives out in Washington state~both my sister and her daughter(my neice-Whitney)...a very talented painter!
She will be going to Mpls Art Institute with a scholarship & is hoping to fund with her artwork also. The painting will be for sale here!