SWEET SUMMER sale in the studio & garden!

We are rapidly creeping up on our last scheduled sale until September!  The sale dates coming up are JUNE 6, 7 & 8! We have found, designed, created some fantastic "stuff"!  You'll want to get in on the goods as early as possible for best "pick".  being that this is the last event scheduled until September, there will be some items we will want to move on out to make room for new items in the fall.  We will have 2 months to collect between now & the next sale! Watch for new photos coming soon.  If you haven't found us yet on Facebook be sure to like us their as that seems to be a quicker way of communication for us at https ://www.facebook.com/pages/Juxtaposition-99/189375867767604
 Have a great day!


May Sale Pictures

Hi friends, its Jamie the gardener. I went by the shop to drop off some last minute stuff this evening and took some picture of all the goodies. I thought you would all enjoy a look! Enjoy! Hope to see you at sale tomorrow!



Hi friends, it's Jamie the gardener again. I want to share a few pictures of a sampling of the fun hypertufa items I've been working on- keeping me busy and happy in this dreary weather. Hypertufa is a mix of various ingredients with cement that is lighter than cement, porous, and able to withstand our harsh winters without having to be hauled in. I love, love, love their rustic look and gritty texture! I'm excited to have these items and more available at the upcoming sale. Hope to see you there!

Happy Spring,


Rapidly approaching Market!

Having a little trouble with the blog but will try & do a quick post. 

This weather is not cooperating in my favor at all.  The extended forecast looks sunny & warm, 2 weeks out!  Right now I am way behind where I wanted to be & I am solely blaming this weather.
I would have planned a June market had I known!  

Some vendors have dropped of some super fun things & I will post pictures as soon as I can!

The house progress is coming along.  The studio progress is coming along.   I joked with Jamie that we will still be painting, building, planting, baking when the market starts...which could be okay, I guess,  since it is the studio!  So don't be suprised if there is work going on!  Just excuse & enjoy.  Things will get better when we get on a roll, but trust, there will be cool things to take home from the market!  Things you will not find anywhere else!

                         when looking for the Market my signs will resemble the first image..

please share my info with others!
Thank You!


Garden Progress

Hi everyone! I thought I would take this cold pre-snow storm morning to introduce myself. I'm Jamie, and I will planting the garden beside Dinah's studio @ Juxtaposition 99. I will also be selling some garden goodies, including plants, handmade hypertufa (cemennt mixture), and some unique garden accessories I've collected up and/or made.

I fought the ice and began removing the sod about a week ago. I brought my husband and kids to help this week. We are removing the grass one clump at a time, as the local rental place isn't willing to rent out the sod cutter just yet (too wet, they say). I hope to have some plants in just in time for the May sale. Still a long way to go, but I'm very excited!

Here's my beloved husband helping me out:

Husband kids hauling the removed grass to compost. We were resourceful, and used my husband's ice fishing sled.

My favorite way to be: dirt covered.

Home and the muddy boots come off right away.
If you would like to learn more about me I have a graden blog: I Love My Garden. You can also reach me via e-mail at jamiesierragardens@gmail.com. I'll be back later this week to share some pictures of the hypertufa I've been working on.
Happy gardening!


Studio & Garden Market in May!!! May 2, 3 & 4 2013

Now under the gun!  I have found lots of great vintage items for the market!  The deconstruction of the studio is underway!  THe remodel on the interior of my old house is happening!   Crazy Busy!  Really no time for blogging!  But the Market will happen, ready or not!  Rain or shine!  ( got some vintage umbrellas for the customers to use-just in case) Actually THAT evokes a kind of pleasant image im my mind, but no, I would rather not use them!

SO this sale my space will double (after the deconstruction- thanks honey) & is actually immeasurable if we include the yard.  We will be in the process of creating some gardens with JAMIE SIERRA GARDENS for a great shopping experience in the yard at the studio...by June they should be looking pretty good, MAYBE.  I have been accused of expecting things to be done yesterday!!  Anyway, whether they are done or not, we will have some fantastic finds for the garden, and wonderful plants and Jamie who will share her wealth of garden knowledge with us during the sale! 

Some of you may know some of the others who are seasoned marketeers (is that a word?)  Susan Gorr aka "Q" -in my opinion she has great classic style that's is a touch bohemian.  Jan Berg-from Summerspell-looove that name & with a name like that we can imagine the finds she will bring to the market...J.Jewels (julia Maass) will be there with hand stamped jewelry so plan your Mothers Day shopping here..Claire- "claire's hogshed" nice, sweet, comfortable finds!  She is the mother of "shabby-tiques" sisters who used to sell at the old Second Hand Rose, Buffalo shop.  Remember them?!  Julia & Katie?  (the same Julia Maas with J. Jewels.)  Hoping to get at least a table from VanDerSluis studio(Ted Thompson)-who is in the process of moving his family this month.  Maybe "Found Salvage" will have a couple items for sale!  We love Angela's style! Bonnie THompson will bring some of her great art! my brother Steve will bring some handcrafted islands & cabinets using reclaimed wood & materials with design influence from Europe. there will also be various contributions from other artists that will be new to us all & fresh looks!  Leilani Johnson, Kelly Dorsey & i'm sure others, seems the list keeps growing... And myself, Jux 99...mostly neutrals & european but I love a little bit of everything &  most of all I love the art of display!  AND working on getting some scandenavian baked goods!  YUM!  It's shaping up to to be wonderful, fun, inspiring & delicious!! Hoping for blue skies & sunshine!!  HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE & all your friends are invited too, so bring them!!



new photos of items for sale in October!



well the sideways photos are gone.  All those beautiful pillows.  I have said before that I am not good at this whole blog thing.  Someday going to take a class!




Love this frenchy little chair!

This chair is perfect ... the color & its "found" condition with the muslin on the seat & the satiny gold button tufted back!  It's just soo curvey!  Love the carved floral detail at the top .  Simply fab.


Back from vacation...Next Event~October 6th, 7th & 8th

I am back from a long vacation. Gearing up for the next sale in the studio... Oct. 6~8! I  will be posting photos at a later date but this is just a BRIEF update!


progress in the studio...

bistro set

vintage childs wheelbarrow

Cabinet made with old screendoor

What a fun surprise in the outdoor room! Perfect company!