Mannequin Makeover

Before & After

First one must remove the fabric which usually is just glued on.  Usually comes off pretty easily.  Not this one.   The lower section came off okay but the middle section was very hard to peel off.

I was able to salvage some sort of pattern from the fabric pieces . The lower section was then covered in burlap with a hot glue gun.  I was feeling thankful for the invention of the hot glue gun! ( Originally would have been glued on painstakingly with some other type of glue!) So the two sections were covered with burlap & by the time I got to the bust 1 1/2 hours later decided that after I removed the fabric I decided cardboard is the way to go!

If I gave this project a rating, I would say skill level 3, patience & tolerance 10 & alot of determination!

~Hoping to find a new base for her, maybe a stencil of some sort and replace the knob at top with a glass doorknob which I have done before!  After all is done though what a beautiful transformation.~

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