About Me

Briefly, I am a very busy mom all of the time & this hobby of creating & transforming is part time.  My plan is to have two sales per year in my studio...so stay tuned because at any given time I could decide to have another or open a shop.

 I also sell at Second Hand Rose (the original occasional sale) secondhandrosebuffalo.blogspot.com in Buffalo.

  There are other fabulous shops here in Buffalo, too.  I have sold at "the Porch" & the "Atelier".  Both owned by Teresa deJarlais.  theporchatelier.blogspot.com

Buffalo is also the town of the original Lillian's which is also open the same weekend as the occasional sales. Fabulous clothes can be found there & bags & jewelry.

 Make sure to stop in at the Buffalo Nickel.( I also had a booth there for a time)And besides it is right across the street from my house.  It was originally the barn that belonged to my farmhouse! I NEED that barn!  Not sure what someone was thinking when they sold that!   Nice big barn packed full of finds.  The upper level has a funky & fun used clothing shop!  In my opinion the funnest one I have ever been in!  Great displays there!

 There are a few other shops to visit~the Nest, Patina General & numerous others.

Buffalo is a fun place to visit with it's quaint little town nestled beside Buffalo Lake. Get your girlfriends together &  make a day of it!

Okay this page should have been about "Buffalo"...no time to change the title now...work to do, postcards to drop off,  pillows to design,  old doors to pick-up, staging in the studio, laundry & scrubbing!  A fun work filled day with the kids gone to the waterpark!