Center Island/Sofa table/workbench/ buffet

the tin on the back

this is the back side

One of the 5 drawers

Beautiful top made with reclaimed white oak

This is the very versatile piece inspired by Jeanne de'Arc Living.  Since I won't be going to europe in the near future( where the original photo from the magazine was taken) , I thought we could produce a sort of look alike!  Nothing as good as the real antique~but close!  5 drawers, two shelves, incredibley solid with a white oak top that looks like butcher block!  We were able to make use of some wood we salvaged that was wonderful & old reclaimed white oak to make the top.  Do I dare say~so far my favorite....?
~ Handcrafted by Steve Simonson.


blueberry dreams said...
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blueberry dreams said...

Sorry, I had to delete the previous comment because it didn't make sense. But, I love seeing the handcrafted original one-of-a-kind pieces by S & P Simonson. Should be signed, I think. :)