juxtaposition 99

Just a brief page about how I came to be juxtaposition 99...I had a sale (selling refurbished junk) & things I made 11 years ago in my studio!  I was inspired by display and the knack to create and sell.  Then I discovered the house and the studio.  So I first bought the house-to live in-& had a very successful sale with my sister Mary and some friends. Rose came to my sale (the Rose of Second Hand Rose) and asked if Iwanted to be a part of her  sale.  I first went there as a display artist for hire and then became a dealer.  No. 99.(thus the 99 in my name)I always thought the word juxtaposition was interesting because I feel as though it describes the way I put together my displays-putting together  rustic things with the beautiful things, the old with the new all in a way enhancing the beauty and creating a "feeling".   And so for now-2 times a year I will be here in the studio having a sale.

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