Rapidly approaching Market!

Having a little trouble with the blog but will try & do a quick post. 

This weather is not cooperating in my favor at all.  The extended forecast looks sunny & warm, 2 weeks out!  Right now I am way behind where I wanted to be & I am solely blaming this weather.
I would have planned a June market had I known!  

Some vendors have dropped of some super fun things & I will post pictures as soon as I can!

The house progress is coming along.  The studio progress is coming along.   I joked with Jamie that we will still be painting, building, planting, baking when the market starts...which could be okay, I guess,  since it is the studio!  So don't be suprised if there is work going on!  Just excuse & enjoy.  Things will get better when we get on a roll, but trust, there will be cool things to take home from the market!  Things you will not find anywhere else!

                         when looking for the Market my signs will resemble the first image..

please share my info with others!
Thank You!

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