Studio & Garden Market in May!!! May 2, 3 & 4 2013

Now under the gun!  I have found lots of great vintage items for the market!  The deconstruction of the studio is underway!  THe remodel on the interior of my old house is happening!   Crazy Busy!  Really no time for blogging!  But the Market will happen, ready or not!  Rain or shine!  ( got some vintage umbrellas for the customers to use-just in case) Actually THAT evokes a kind of pleasant image im my mind, but no, I would rather not use them!

SO this sale my space will double (after the deconstruction- thanks honey) & is actually immeasurable if we include the yard.  We will be in the process of creating some gardens with JAMIE SIERRA GARDENS for a great shopping experience in the yard at the studio...by June they should be looking pretty good, MAYBE.  I have been accused of expecting things to be done yesterday!!  Anyway, whether they are done or not, we will have some fantastic finds for the garden, and wonderful plants and Jamie who will share her wealth of garden knowledge with us during the sale! 

Some of you may know some of the others who are seasoned marketeers (is that a word?)  Susan Gorr aka "Q" -in my opinion she has great classic style that's is a touch bohemian.  Jan Berg-from Summerspell-looove that name & with a name like that we can imagine the finds she will bring to the market...J.Jewels (julia Maass) will be there with hand stamped jewelry so plan your Mothers Day shopping here..Claire- "claire's hogshed" nice, sweet, comfortable finds!  She is the mother of "shabby-tiques" sisters who used to sell at the old Second Hand Rose, Buffalo shop.  Remember them?!  Julia & Katie?  (the same Julia Maas with J. Jewels.)  Hoping to get at least a table from VanDerSluis studio(Ted Thompson)-who is in the process of moving his family this month.  Maybe "Found Salvage" will have a couple items for sale!  We love Angela's style! Bonnie THompson will bring some of her great art! my brother Steve will bring some handcrafted islands & cabinets using reclaimed wood & materials with design influence from Europe. there will also be various contributions from other artists that will be new to us all & fresh looks!  Leilani Johnson, Kelly Dorsey & i'm sure others, seems the list keeps growing... And myself, Jux 99...mostly neutrals & european but I love a little bit of everything &  most of all I love the art of display!  AND working on getting some scandenavian baked goods!  YUM!  It's shaping up to to be wonderful, fun, inspiring & delicious!! Hoping for blue skies & sunshine!!  HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE & all your friends are invited too, so bring them!!


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