the studio

this is my studio in Buffalo.  Hope to see you here in  MAY!  I will have a garden themed sale with a touch of europe!  Repurposed finds, creations using salvaged architecture, mirrors, garden, patio and garden furniture and I am sure lots of other things I havn't thought of yet!


Gretchen said...

Congratulations Dinah on creating your blog and getting a name created for your fun business. :)
Here's to being the first comment on your blog. May the fun begin! My blog is a wonderful networking tool for my business and I hope you find yours to do the same for you as well as building the relationships we all love that go along with our love of what we have chosen to do.
I hope to make your sale in May...can you put me on your contact list?

Be blessed~

dinahk said...

thanks! Will do! "May" the fun begins!

anjella martin said...

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